Can you get repair built-in and integrated appliances reliably?

Taking pride in most homes is a new kitchen designed and installed to your liking with all the modern built-in or integrated appliances.

It’s likely that you’ll have to invest in built in appliances, so they match the style and design, so nobody knows where the dishwasher, fridge or oven are hiding.

It’s no surprise that people do this, they look great and offer exactly the same functionality as their free-standing counterparts. However, the challenge comes if they become faulty or are not operating at their maximum efficiency.

With built-in or integrated appliances, it can be challenging to find someone that can not only repair effectively and cost effectively, but preserve the kitchen and its treasured appeal.

Some might argue that you need to go back the kitchen fitter or the manufacturers of the appliance. But to have the kitchen fitter back who knows nothing about appliance repairs spells danger. Likewise, the manufacturer might not have engineers who can navigate your lovely new kitchen.

If you have a warranty or extended guarantee with your appliances, then going back to your kitchen designer or manufacture may be the sensible option for the repair. However, there’s absolutely no reason why you should do that if your guarantee has expired.

Built-in appliances are very often the same cost as their free-standing counterparts to repair, but the need is to feel confident that after the repair the kitchen going to have the same looks, especially if the appliance has to be removed to complete the repairs and this can apply to both built-in and integrated

As said the challenge is to get the right person to ensure both appliance and kitchen work and look at their best after breakdown, our fully skilled engineers can meet that challenge find the problem and fix it.

So, if your built in or integrated appliance fails, don’t be scared!

Simply call us up and one of our engineers can come and diagnose and repair and solve problem!

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